About Us


   Promoting endodontic education among the Asian Pacific countries has been an evolving objective of our Confederation. Through combined efforts with local endodontic societies and associations, the APEC holds conjoint scientific meetings or courses in many countries of the region. These lectures are often attended not only by specialist endodontists but also by general dental practitioners. Hopefully, this would translate into a rising standard of endodontic care rendered to the general public in our member countries.


The objectives of APEC, as stated in the first Constitution are:

1) To promote, develop and maintain high standards of endodontic research, teaching and clinical practice in the Asian Pacific region.

2) To cultivate and foster closer professional relationships of the endodontic practitioners within the Asian Pacific region

History of APEC

  The Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (commonly known as APEC) began in December 1985 in Bangkok, Thailand. This was the first of two organisational meetings of representatives from participating national endodontic societies and associations in the Asian Pacific region.

  The second organisational meeting was held in Manila, The Philippines, in November 1986. The major task achieved at that meeting was the finalisation of the first Constitution. This constitution was then ratified during the 1st Scientific Congress of APEC which was held in New Delhi, India, in January 1988. The Confederation and its Constitution were registered with the Registrar of Societies in Hong Kong in November 1989. Read More..

Constitution and By-Laws

  The Constitution was revised in 1998-2000 to reflect changes in the methods of operation of the Confederation and the increasing number of “Endodontic Society/Association Members” (national endodontic societies/associations from within the Asian Pacific region). This version was accepted in principle at the 7th Biennial General Meeting in April 1999 in Singapore, and then further modified before being ratified and adopted at the 8th Biennial General Meeting in April 2001 in Taipei, Taiwan. A further revision was ratified and adopted at the 10th Biennial General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May 2005. The new Constitution will help the Confederation to continue to achieve its aims and help members advance endodontic practice, teaching and research.

Click here to APEC Constitutions 2017 (view pdf)